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The Right Level of Real Estate Services

Everyone has a different approach to real estate and investment, and there are different levels of real estate services available to you based on your personal desires and needs. Whether you want a real estate agent to do everything for you or you want to handle everything yourself, there is a level of service that is tailored to and applies to you.

Full service real estate gives you everything you need.

When most people think about real estate services, they’re thinking about full service. Full service includes everything: the real estate agent will help you stage your property, advertise it and market it.

There are many benefits to full service: you’ll get everything done for you and you won’t need to worry about it. Your real estate professional will also be able to advise you regarding the current market prices and to discuss more complicated aspects such as concessions with you.

However, the trade off is that you may find that you have limited control over the sale of your property and that you will end up spending more money than you would with other levels of service.

Limited service gives you a more cost-effective solution.

A limited service real estate service will submit your property to the multiple listing service (otherwise known as MLS), in an attractive and professional format. Limited service is usually extremely affordable and allows you to control the direction of your property’s sale.

However, it does mean that you’ll need to do all of the legwork on your own: once your property is listed, you will need to complete the showings and negotiations yourself. This is an excellent solution for those that want to sell their own home but still want direct access to the MLS.

With limited service, you will need to do the appropriate research to ensure that you’re doing things properly, and you may want to invest in learning more about the real estate market and the process. If your time is very important to you, you may prefer full service.

FSBO transactions leave it all up to you.

FSBO sales, or “for sale by owner,” allows you to control every aspect of your property’s sale. Owners that wish to go in this direction may need to be a little creative; they will need to advertise their properties on their own through real estate listings and will need to research techniques for selling their house at the top dollar.

There are many classified listings and websites that are open to for sale by owner transactions, and there are other tactics that can be used such as open houses. When completing an FSBO transaction, the rewards are usually quite substantial; an owner that completes an FSBO transaction will often save thousands if not tens of thousands of dollars.

For owners that have the time, an FSBO transaction may be a viable solution; however, most owners will benefit from at least purchasing an MLS listing service.

Which type of real estate service is best for you depends on the amount of time you have available and the amount of initiative you’re willing to take.

Limited service offers a cost-effective compromise between full service and managing your listing completely on your own while fully managed real estate takes all of the effort of the transaction off of you.

Fully managed services will also usually sell faster; if you have limited time to make a sale, you might want to consider this. Sellers who are not sure of the level of service they need should think about it carefully, because the cost of this service can vary greatly.