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The Indestructible House

One hundred ten years ago in 1909, a large house was constructed in St Petersburg, Florida. But it was not a typical home that needed repairing. From the time it was built, the house never had repairs and nothing had to be replaced. The locals called it a “miraculous” home because nothing ever had to be repaired. Over the past one hundred years, there was a rumor that it was indestructible and nothing could harm it.

Little is known about fifteen workers who built the house.

The only common knowledge is that they built the house in very little time. But some townspeople reported strange spooky chanting during the nights it was being built. After it was built, the workers were never heard from or seen again. Many believe the fifteen men somehow cursed the house. Was it the strange “rituals” and chanting that made the home indestructible?

The “indestructibility” theory had been successfully tested throughout the years. In 1995, an army of residents set out to disprove that rumor. They went inside while some stayed outside using every tool available to physically damage any part of the home. However, nobody could even put a dent inside or outside the home. A few years ago, attempts to use dynamite proved useless. Even the original paint stuck to the house, which had never even chipped or fallen off.

Local newspapers over the years reported the home still stood exactly like she did when she was constructed many years ago. Theories as to why the house couldn’t be harmed ranged from angels built it to it was cursed. However, most people believed a meteorite from space hit the site thousands of years ago.

Since the home was completed, it had low owner turnover because of the low costs since the house never needed repairs. The only differences owners made was during Halloween and Christmas when they spruced up the house with holiday ornamentation.

But several years ago in 2015 Jim and Mary Dexter, a young couple bought the house from the last owner for a lot of money. They knew their new home had been considered “indestructible.” The couple set out to find more out about their interesting home by researching its history in the local library. They gathered little useful information. So Jim decided he would explore the home a little deeper. However, Mary couldn’t assist him because she had to go out of town for a business conference.

When Jim set about the hunt, he walked through each room, examining the walls and every corner for hidden doors. He looked for anything that had not been reported in the house’s history. He searched around for nooks and crannies, even hidden rooms that had not been explored. Although he didn’t find anything unusual, he journeyed to the basement, knocking on the basement’s walls to listen for hollow spaces, but didn’t have any success. Then he looked at the floor which appeared solid. Nevertheless, he walked carefully on it listening for weak floorboards.

He saw a dusty carpet that was so old, it was about as brown as the rest of the floor. He believed that carpet was the key to an entrance to something underneath. Jim tried to remove it, but it wasn’t easy – it seemed stuck onto the floor. He went to his toolbox and dragged out a sledgehammer to smash the carpet so it would dislodge. After smashing it seven times, the wooden floor submitted to the pounding force by falling down underneath the house into a never before seen area.

So much dust kicked up that it swirled around the basement. Jim could scarcely breathe So he covered his nose and mouth with his hands until the dust settled. He moved toward an opening he made and took out a flashlight from his pocket, shining it all around downward. Apparently, he had found a way into a new room. As he looked around, he felt exuberant that he had possibly made a never before seen part of the house. Suddenly he saw a human skull on the floor in one corner. Then he moved the light around the room, he saw a dozen or so skeletons.

Jim’s eyes beamed wide open and thought, “Oh no!!!” He panicked and immediately called 911. Within five seconds a woman came on and Jim told her what he had found in his home. She told him a sheriff would be there immediately.

Jim tried unsuccessfully to call Mary on his iPhone. Although she was unavailable, Jim didn’t leave a message. He was shaking, thinking about what he just saw. He wondered how those people ended up sealed underneath their home. The police raced out to the house with a firetruck tailing it. When the police car arrived at the house, the sheriff got out, Jim led him in and showed them the skeletons he had discovered. After the firefighters arrived they pulled out their ladders and positioned them downward. Police and firefighters climbed down the ladders, trying not to step on the bones.

The news of the discovery quickly got out to the St. Petersburg area. Reporters arrived at the house, but they were restricted as the yellow tape was placed around the house as the FBI forensic technicians carefully examined the bones. Hours later, the bones were separated and were individually taken out of the house with great care. But just as soon as all of the skeletons were taken out, suddenly an enormous cracking noise could be heard from the top of the house. Before anyone knew it, the roof had completely collapsed, followed by the rest of the house. Although people were standing near the house, they ran from it as fast as they could. Unfortunately, several FBI personnel fell and died right in front of the house.

Jim immediately called Mary who was already driving home. He told her the entire story, which she filled in the conversation with many surprised gasps, and lots of “I don’t believe it!” and “OMG”.

A week later, the St. Petersburg Times reported in its headlines: “One Hundred Year Old ‘Indestructible’ House Collapses from Inside”. The article reported, “The skeletons of 15 dead people who, according to authorities may have been the home’s original builders. They were lying near each other which formed a circle. All had been shot in the head in what appeared to be some kind of ritual cult murder. Apparently, this had been a hidden room discovered by the owner, who believed the floor he knocked in had been built to hide the skeletons. It has been suggested that the remains of these builders had something mystical to do with the house’s ‘indestructibility.’ This theory is plausible since the house caved in after a forensic FBI took the last cadaver out of the home. The current occupants did not respond to questions.”

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