Is a Home Security System Watching Your House or a Burglar?

Is a home security system watching your house or a burglar? That is a question that today is serious, because there are more residential break-ins than ever before and it is not just houses in densely populated areas, it is also happening in the suburbs. Places where families never thought they would need to lock their doors, places where they didn’t close the windows are now targets. One of the big reasons that the house in the suburbs is a target is the burglar believes these families do not take home security seriously.

Burglars look for the easiest home to break into, which means they are looking for a residence that does not have a sign in the yard that they have a home alarm or decals in the windows. They are looking for windows that are open in the warm weather, doors left open when an errand is run, when the grass is being mowed or the family is gathered in the backyard cooking out. It does not take long for this criminal to get into the house and take what they want, but they usually will watch the residence to see the movements of the family. This way they can take all the time they want going through the house that is not secured.

The residence that does have a home security system, does display the sign and window decals and does take residential break-ins serious can avoid having a stranger in their home, stealing their possessions. Burglars as a rule will avoid anything that could lead to them being caught and that is just what happens with a home alarm monitoring. They do not want to be arrested and that means they search for the right house to steal from that does not have an alarm system.

The home alarm system today is easy to use for everyone in the family with keychain remotes, which means the alarm, can be armed from outside of the house and it can also be disarmed. That will make it easy to remember and does not mean rushing into the house to the wall pad to disarm the alarm system. It is also easy enough for children to use, since summer weather will mean they are in and out of the house more often. Burglars watch for this kind of movement for their chance to get into the house. It does not take them long and to neighbors they can look like someone doing repairs, a friend or a relative, because this person that will steal from a residence does not have an appearance that would alert anyone. They will alert the home security system and they will trigger the alarm if they attempt to break-in when it is armed. Keep the burglar from watching your house, by having a home security system and advertising it to them with the window decals and sign in the yard, because once there is a residential break-in the family does not feel safe at home.